Our Philosophy to understand players/ childrens movement patterns and develop them to improve their performance in their discipline. This applies to all sports should it be football, swimming, athletics or rugby.
Once a specific drill has been completed, I would expect it to be completed 100 more times on 20 different days within a month to then be able to apply or be ready to apply in a match, training match or event on a consistent basis.
Excellence is key. My role is to play an integral role in the education and development of anyone that signs up with PPA.


We deliver Specific Technical drills working on Technical Components. Over the course of 6-8 weeks depending on what the technical component is drills will be specific to developing players in that part of their game.
Every player will get their own unique feedback record and may require a different level when developing their passing for example compared to their dribbling ability.


My background on coaching movement and improving how we move in a quicker, more influential and controlled manner will set PPA training aside from your normal coaching centers.
All my coaches will have undertaken or be undergoing Level 2 FA coaching course, CRB checked and hold a minimum FA first aid qualification.


Many may already know but I have my own exercise / coaching business and am now looking at expanding further this year with my own Soccer Academy. PPA – Phil Pledger Academy. Upon launch there will be exclusive prices for any current Under 8 age group St Margaretsbury players and Discounts for siblings etc… It will be aimed at the age group of 5-11 and generally run on weekday evenings (dates and times TBC) obviously NOT on Wednesdays as I will continue to do this on a voluntary basis!
Sessions will be based upon technical ability and so players will be assessed on their ability on different aspects of the game.

Sessions will be broken down over 6 weeks and be specific to different technical components of the game e.g. passing, dribbling, movement.


  • Passing

  • Receiving

  • Turning

  • Dribbling

  • Pressing

  • Intercepting

  • Creativity

  • Marking

  • Finishing

  • Movement

  • Creating space