Strength in Body & Mind


Phil has been a personal trainer / medical professional / coach for the past 15 years in Hertfordshire and London. He received most of his early education studying health and medicine. His enthusiasm for sports and athleticism led him to study as a Physical trainer firstly with N.A.B.B.A and then YMCA Advanced Personal Trainer. His thirst for more knowledge led him to continuing education courses and to studying Corrective and High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK) and during his studies and internships, he has worked with many highly respectable therapists and professionals, which has formed the base of knowledge that he has today. Where he endeavours to continue along this path as he truly believes there is more to life than just looking good. One has to feel good as well. This takes more than just working out in the gym and going through the motions. How we exercise is important but how we eat, think, and live our lives is equally important. He has and demonstrates a passion for learning with a very open-mind approach to new concepts.

- A Healthy mind in a healthy body.